When it Absolutely, Positively, Has to be there...Today!

Blue Chip Express has been safely and efficiently delivering goods throughout the Greater Cincinnati Area for over 30 years!

Family owned and operated, Blue Chip Express provides the personal touch you deserve as well as the adaptability your business requires.

Our fleet of vehicles consists of small hatchbacks, pick-up trucks, minivans, cargo vans, 4WD SUV’s, and 24 ft box trucks with lift gates. No matter the size or the weather, Blue Chip Express will make sure your critical shipment makes it to the appropriate destination.

Scheduled Routes

Originally utilized to move inter-office mail between satellite locations; Routed deliveries have evolved into Morning Mail deliveries, Supply Refills, Payroll deliveries & much more. Blue Chip Express can handle all of your sensitive route needs. We pick up and sign for certified mail, bank lock boxes, and payroll checks on a daily basis for our clients.

Sunrise Service

We deliver to Lexington, Louisville, Indianapolis, Dayton, Columbus and all points in between on a weekly basis. Whether it is an envelope that needs to be in Louisville by 5:00pm or 2 pallets of manufactured goods that needs to be in Indianapolis first thing in the morning, we have you covered. No matter the destination, we will find a solution to solve your transportation issue.


Our on-demand service provides you with the ability to continue to do what you do best and allow us to do what we do best. Once your work is done, ours is just beginning. We make sure the final task of your project, delivery, is done immediately, professionally, and affordably. We recognize that our employees are an extension of you and your company. Our drivers are required to wear company issued uniforms complete with photo identification. This ensures the best appearance for you and us.